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Our Team - Blind Ambition

Pam sikes owner

Pam Sikes Owner

As the owner of a company in a competitive market, Pam knows first-hand that customer service and delivery of the best product available is what will set Blind Ambition apart from the competition. Pam works with and guides her team in the selection of a product that is right for our customers. She has a successful ongoing relationship with local home builders such as Benton Homes, Lombardo Homes, McKelvey Homes, T.R Hughes, Consort Homes, Houston Homes, and McBride Homes. Originally from Washington MO, now a local resident of New Town, she is a proud member of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce and St. Louis HBA. Ask Pam how our blinds and shades can connect to your home automation system and automatically open at sunrise and close at sunset.

Amanda hamilton operations manager

Amanda Hamilton Operations Manager

Amanda is our operations manager and a St. Charles notary; she is used to keeping busy schedules on track. She keeps everyone in the office organized and continues to develop an enjoyable workspace for the team. Amanda oversees the day-to-day administrative functions of Blind Ambitions operations. Delivering outstanding customer service has always been an essential part of a day’s work for Amanda.

Melissa mchenry accounting

Melissa McHenry Accounting

Melissa keeps our budget under control. She has offered and provided financial advice and guidance to Blind Ambition throughout the business. Melissa continues to provide forecasts and budget projections to ensure financial stability for the company.

Kayla perrone office manager

Kayla Perrone Office Manager

Kayla is our office manager and maintains a proud union household. She uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment. Kayla’s main focus is to work hard in building relationships with our customers, commercial clients, home builders and to provide excellent customer service.

Kathy cissell sales manager

Kathy Cissell Sales Manager

Kathy is a design specialist with 20 years of experience and a BA in Interior Design from the Harrington Institute of Design. She feels that window treatments are an important design element that adds aesthetic appeal to every room. Her years of professional design and fabrication experience have honed her ability to handpick fabrics and treatments to represent individual style. She enjoys making each home stylish and beautiful.

Alison allen design consultant

Alison Allen Design Consultant

Alison is a local resident of the New Town area. She specializes in making great recommendations for products that should be installed according to an individual’s unique home and style. As a Design Consultant for Blind Ambition, Alison’s main focus is serving our customers. She believes that choosing the appropriate window treatment can be the perfect finishing touch to your room, not only giving you the options to control light and privacy, but also complement the other design aspects of the room.

Keith hawkins installation manager

Keith Hawkins Installation Manager

Keith is our Installation Manager and a Journeyman for the local Carpenters Union. He brings new ideas and light into our busy installation schedule. He ensures that each job is fulfilled and transmitted to his high expectations. Keith works hand in hand with our commercial clients and builders.

Pat tullock installer

Pat Tullock Installer

Pat is our lead installer. He not only creates beautiful jobs, but also builds great customer relationships while out in the field. Whether you have questions regarding motorization, specialty shades or general questions regarding your installation Pat is our go - to guy.